SEO Agency Ballarat – Are you tired of wasting money?

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SEO Agency Ballarat – Are you tired of wasting money?

Fed up with wasting money on SEO? Spotting a good SEO Agency in Ballarat is indeed possible as soon as you clear away the smoke and mirrors.

Every single day someone tells me their experience how they have invested a small fortune on failed SEO campaigns. They ask just what Internet Marketing Experts Ballarat will do any differently as an SEO Agency. Is it just going to be much more of the same?

The issue is an SEO Agency doesn’t really want you to learn the secret recipe to getting those keywords ranked. Exactly why you may ask? The answer is simple because if you learn how little they actually carried out you each month you would definitely terminate your contract and go anywhere else, this is what I call the game of smoke and mirrors.

Does this sound familiar? ‘Well it takes some time to get keywords onto the first page’ or ‘Those keywords are too competitive so we will focus on this particular phrase because a little traffic is far better than none, right?’ or ‘we do loads behind the scenes to make sure your existing keywords stay where they are and don’t go down on the page’ or ‘backlinks are not needed’.

Monthly you get a report demonstrating how your keywords are going, and month after month nothing seems to happen. You can’t get the keywords you want because they are too difficult to get.

So what to do if you think your SEO Agency in Ballarat is putting to use the good old ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ trick to keep you pouring money down the drain on a second rate SEO campaign?

Here is my sure fire way to get rid of the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ from your SEO Agency in Ballarat;



  1. Ask to see a finely detailed report of what on page work has been carried out in the month. This means modifications to Meta Descriptions or fixing on page errors etc.


2. Demand to see a daily or weekly report of what off page tasks are completed for your web page each day. For instance you want to see a list of the following items each day or week;

a.Social Bookmarking

b.Web Directory Listings

c.Classified Ads Posted

d.Ping Submissions

e.Local Directory Listings

f.Q & A site posts

g.Blog commenting

Be Advised! This line of questioning will lead to almost any SEO Agency in Ballarat to squirm. Usually you will get a few responses;

  1. Well we don’t really give our clients that information.
  2. We just send you a monthly report to evaluate the results around here that’s all that matters.
  3. Well since the penguin update a few years ago all of that off-page stuff is no longer of any SEO value.
  4. We only create high quality links that’s why we only do very few each month.
  5. If you do a lot of off-page work you will definitely get penalised by Google
  6. We never use those spammy/blackhat tactics.

Be assured when you ask for anything more from your SEO Agency like the list mentioned earlier if they respond happily and furnish you a detailed list of all the work they have done for you in the past in detail link by link then you are most likely onto a good SEO Agency. Nevertheless if they pass my first test then there is just one more test. Just how much do they in fact do for you each month? Any good SEO Agency in Ballarat will proudly tell you the number of links they build for you each month. Ensure that it seems like plenty.

Lets say you are investing $1,000 per month with your current SEO Agency?

This is the sort of numbers you should be finding every month.

a.Social Bookmarking x 20 per day

b.Web Directory Listings x 10 per day

c.Classified Ads Posted x 10 per day

d.Ping Submissions x 10 per day

e.Local Directory Listings x 2 per week

f.Q & A site posts x 1 per day

g.Blog commenting x 1 per day

That’s a total of over 50 tasks every day that should be getting provided for your website. Remember great websites that rank no 1 in Google, have 10,000 back-inks to their site.

Just a word of caution, if you are not mindful and use a professional Australian company you can achieve high figures of links which are all spammy and will cost you over time with Google penalties, see to it your links are using trusted sites, high PR (Page Rank) etc. There are an abundance of Indian companies that guarantee big volumes, but they will devastate your site in a few short months.

In conclusion, if you are paying some SEO Agency in Ballarat each month, don’t be afraid to ask for a detailed list of tasks and activities carried out for you each month. Don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors it gets pretty old pretty quick.

At Internet Marketing Experts Ballarat we pride ourselves on openness and educating our clients so they know exactly what they are getting for their month-to-month spend. Imagine having an SEO Agency that supplied you with detailed report of every action taken for the month, not just a rankings report?

If you are not finding what you need from your current SEO Agency in Ballarat or just think you really should be getting more value for money then call us on 1300 595 013 or visit our website:

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